In the past week I have tried and failed to track back to ANY vestige of sources produced by Phinance Technologies. Initially, attempting to access http://www.phinancetechnologies.com/ and https://phinancetechnologies.com, resulted in failure with the error being taking too long to connect with server. Today, client requests are automatically redirected to:


is parked free, courtesy of GoDaddy.com.

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The Wayback Machine has no archives of the domain.

I DID briefly study the site in March and, stupidly, did not make copies of the data therein presented.

Even searching on titles of some of the reports -- echos of which are:



-- only point back to the now disappeared phinancetechnologies.com domain.

Posted a question on Ed Dowd's LinkedIn account yesterday. No response.

Writing this in the hope that SOMEone who knows Ed Dowd and/or colleagues who WERE involved in Phinance Technologies can make what was being presented on phinancetechnologies.com available in a new venue.

Thank you,

Dave Ratcliffe

editor and publisher

rat haus reality press


Pandemic Parallax View


Assistant Director

Museum of Hidden History


Archivist, Board member

Committee for Nuclear Responsibility


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I have updated the links from wayback machine archives

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Thank you Brentfellman! I have used Wayback Machine for decades and, while I do not understand how you located the archived link to "2022 Vaccine Damage Project" (when I paste in the same original link the thing comes back with "Wayback Machine has not archived that URL"... WhatEVER) I am grateful for leveraging what you found.

Thanks to your help, I've now updated the archived pieces

ANNNNNND, just now landed on the in-between-servers domain server:


Important information - Website offline

Apri 20, 2023

Our website hosting service, somee.com, unexpectedly went offline on wednesday, 19 April, 2023. We're putting in a lot of effort to move our site and databases to a different web hosting provider. It may take up to a day or two to get our website back online. Thank you for your understanding.

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